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Nieves Blue Tile with Traditional Vanity Unit

Nieves Blue Floor Tiles 31.6 x 31.6 cm

Mr Jones Midnight Blue tile, which we can no longer procure since the winding up of manufacturer British Ceramic Tile, has been replaced by our own Nieves Blue Floor Tiles, imported directly from Spain.

The vibrant colours in the encaustic style make it an excellent matching floor tile for light grey and white bathroom walls.

At 11mm thick it offers excellent frost resistance, and as such makes it a suitable choice for porches and exterior areas which are not prone to heavy duty traffic. The tile can then be run into the hallway and kitchen, and even be used as a splashback  behind your hob.


Tile Size: 31.6 x 31.6 cm
Material: Glazed 11mm Red Body
Finish: Matt