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Betria Outdoor Tile

Betria Anthracite Outdoor Tile 60 x 60 cm

This black granite effect tile brings natural beauty to your outdoor area, with subtle veins contrasting harmoniously with the rich dark grey surface. The 60 x 60  cm is an excellent size for larger areas and modern landscape designs.

The antislip glazed porcelain Betria Tile is extremely strong, at 20mm thick, and suitable for installation over many types of substrate, from concrete to sand, or even mounted on pedestals. No sealing or heavy maintenance is ever required - these tiles cannot stain or discolour over time.

This particular tile has a coloured body  throughout - should you ever be unfortunate enough to chip one of these tiles, the damage will be far less noticeable due to the colour of the glaze matching the colour of the core.

Also available in light grey.

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Price incl VAT €52 / square metre
Tile Size: 60 x 60 x 2 cm
Material: Porcelain
Finish: Matt
Colour: Dark Grey / Light Grey
Slip Resistance R11