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Burning Sand Outdoor Tile in Trendy Suburban Garden

Burning Sand Outdoor Tile 60 x 120 cm

An extra large format outdoor floor tile inspired by rugged natural sandstone, the Burning Sand is a faithful antislip reproduction, in a robust 20cm thick format.

Ideal for any area from the smallest courtyard or patio space to the largest driveway, this 60 x 120 cm tile is fully stain resistant, owing to its glazed surface; and the porcelain body ensures the highest possible frost resistance.


It is possible to install this tile over anything from sand and cement screeds, to concrete, or even mounted on pedestals without any grouting, which allows for both perfect drainage, and room for cables and pipes beneath. Or, as in the image, just plonk them on the lawn and use as a stepping stone - they are strong enough for such a purpose.

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Price incl VAT €52.00 / square metre
Tile Size: 60 x 120 x 2 cm
Material: Porcelain
Finish: Matt
Colour: Beige
Slip Resistance R 11