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Dover Blue Tile in Hallway

Dover Tiles 45 x 45 cm

In keeping with the trending demand for decorative cement style tiles, we are proud to present the Dover Range of pre-cut tiles for walls and floors. A groove has been made across the 45 x 45 cm tile to allow for grouting during installation, giving the impression of smaller, hand-made tiles, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Available in black, blue and grey colours, the pattern on each tile combines to wonderful effect, and present an attractive design where the corners of all four adjacent tiles meet.  There is a superb grip on the surface for extra safety in wet areas.

The porcelain Dover tile is sturdy enough for all bathroom floors, and is a particular favourite on kitchen walls.

In true cement tile style, the patterns do not match up exactly from one tile to the next - our manufacturers have cleverly allowed small variations to mimic those produced by manual craftsmen.

Tile Size: 45 x 45 cm
Material: Pre-cut Glazed Porcelain
Finish: Matt