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Tempo Nature Porcelain Tile in Lounge

Tempo Nature Polished Tiles 60 x 120 cm

The Tempo Nature tile is a large format glazed tile with crisp rectified edges, which enable a seamless finish to your room, minimising visible grout joints.

A perfect representation of highly polished and reflective cream marble, this robust tile is equally at home on the floor or the bathroom wall.  Unlike the real natural stone, these slabs require no heavy maintenance - they are impervious to staining, and do not need to ever be sealed - just a simple wipe and they are as good as new.

The warmth of these tiles, together with the incredibly detailed pattern, is guaranteed to deliver a spectacular level of luxury to your home. Suitable for bathroom walls as well as floors throughout the home.

Tile Size: 60 x 120 cm
Material: Rectified Glazed Porcelain
Finish: Polished
Colour: Cream